Florry the Lorry

Florry the Lorry - Bathtime in Florry

Published: Wed 22nd March 2023

Putting a bath in Florry

During the spring all the hotels are undergoing renovations and updates. In Cala'n Porter there were 4 bathtubs sitting in a skip ready to be thrown out.

We saw them and had a look, and talked about fitting one into Florry under the sofa. We went to see them and had a look and some were in bad condition but one looked usable. So we took it. there were also some pallets which we could use for building the new frame to support it

  Catherine in the Bath!

After loading up the Lorry with pallets and the bathtub there wasn't much room. Luckily we have a good friend here who lets us stay on his land, and he doesn't mind if we leave things out or do a bit of building work, so after a quick phone call to check it was ok if we stayed for a few days we unloaded everything and and got to work.


After cleaning off the rust we used Hammerite to cover the spots which had Rusted.


Next was to take out the old Sofa which isn't wide enough to accommodate the bathtub and take it apart, leaving the front.


We needed to make a few changed to the front as we wanted it to sit inside without the lip showing.


It almost broke our backs carrying it back into the Lorry, so the rest of the build was done inside, Here was have old bed slats on a frame which provides the support for the sofa cushions.


Filling is by a hosepipe connected to the shower, so it's a slow process....

The overflow has been sealed up so it won't leak on the floor, the drainage pipe is connected to a Hoselock connector which we have to run out the door to empty it.

We have a YouTube video of the build here


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